Guaranteed Solution For Poverty

by Marvin on September 17th, 2011

In order to be successful in this world, you must find ways to please your fellow man. You must find what your fellow man wants that he does not have and after you find out what he wants and he does not have and is willing to pay for then acquire the necessary skills education and talents to provide it. Whether people care about each other or not is laregely irrelevant.

The four things you need to do to cure poverty:

1. Graduate from high school
2. Don't have children until you are married
3. Stay married and take any kind of job
4. Stay out of jail

According to the census, all people, even minorities who have met all of the above requirements only 8% of them are in poverty as opposed to 26% of total poverty among blacks and other minorities as a whole. Therefore find ways to please your fellow man and then adhere to the four pointers above and you will not be poor.


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