Gun Control Does Not Reduce Crime

by Marvin on July 28th, 2012

It is always popular for politicians to make statements about increasing gun laws and it being too easy to acquire a gun but do they ever state that an increase in gun control and gun laws will lead to a decrease in gun crimes? If they did, they would not be telling the truth because the belief that gun control reduces gun crime is false. When a court threw out Washington D.C.'s 30 year ban on guns, Mayor Adrien Fenty rallied the community by stating "More guns simply lead to more violence." Is this true? What data does he draw on to come to that conclusion? If you examine the facts, when Washington DC banned guns, gun violence went up. Since Washington DC's gun law passed, the murder rate actually increased, even though the U.S. murder decreased.

Why did this happen? Pundits often state that it's because guns can also save lives. In most of America, believe it or not, even today it is not illegal to carry a concealed gun on your person in about 40 states. In those forty states their is no higher rate of crime or murder than in states where guns are restricted. The town of Kennisaw Georgia took it a step further and passed a law requiring every household to have a gun. According to statistics, there was a decrease in the amount of violent crime and murder in Kennisaw. I would personally never want politicians ordering you to have a gun and the Kennisaw law isn't enforced, but the citizens certainly appreciate it.
In a recent interview taken of convicted felons, the overwhelming consensus was that each feared a gun toting victim more than the police and blatantly stated that the laws do not matter to them. They don't obey the laws. It is impossible to know how many guns stop crimes because nobody reports a crime that does not happen. But people use guns in self defense everyday. Often just showing a gun is enough to prevent a crime.
Having a gun changes the balance of power. The gun equalizes unequals. Gun control isn't necessarily crime control. In fact the national Academy of Sciences reviewed hundreds of studies and could not document a single gun regulation that reduced violent crime or murder.


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