The Minimum Wage is the Most Anti-Black Law in America

The minimum wage law is the most Anti-Black law in America today and needs to be repealed in its entirety so our black teenagers can get to work.

by Marvin on April 21st, 2017

The minimum wage law is the most Anti-Black law in America today and needs to be repealed in its entirety so our black teenagers can get to work.

My goal is to help as many people as possible live a better life. As a black American, my emphasis is on black people but really I am concerned with all people worldwide. I am not concerned with the rhetoric regarding who is right and who is wrong, I am concerned with immediate action and results. This article seeks to effectuate change that will start the process of getting poorer people with an emphasis on black people out of poverty. What can be done now? We can repeal the minimum wage and / or allow our black teenagers to work for wages below the minimum wage.

The facts are clear that the minimum wage increases poverty and increases unemployment specifically that of black teenagers and other low and unskilled workers.

The Minimum Wage Law Increases Poverty: Intentions vs. Results
The good intentions of the supporters of minimum wage laws are laudable and I fully support the intentions of getting people out of poverty and reducing unemployment, however the results show that the minimum wage does the exact opposite. Let us remember that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The fact is that the programs that are being labeled for the poor and impoverished have effects that are exactly the opposite that their supporters want them to have. Namely, the minimum wage increases poverty and increases unemployment.

When you create a minimum wage you assure that people whose skills are not sufficient to justify whatever the minimum wage is will be unemployed.

We can see this very clearly in the teenage unemployment numbers. Black teenage unemployment is around 30.4% and white teenage unemployment is around 22% while overall unemployment is around 10%. Teenage unemployment is expected to be higher than overall unemployment because teens have little skill and are just getting into the work force. However, teenage unemployment was not always over three times as high as overall employment. In 1948, black teenage unemployment was around 9.2% and white teenage unemployment was around 10.4%. 30 years later, black teenage unemployment more than tripled to 35% and white teenage employment increased to 20%.

Why did black teenage unemployment nearly triple?

The minimum wage dramatically increased. Why did this effect teenagers, specifically black teenagers so dramatically? Because the minimum wage law states that employers must discriminate against people that have low skills. Here is a black teenage boy who has the skills that would justify paying him $5 an hour, however an employer cannot employ him at $5 an hour because it would violate the law. To pay him the minimum wage of $10 an hour (or whatever the minimum wage is) would be to engage in charity and although there is nothing wrong with charity, most businesses are not in a position to engage in charity with their work force. Additionally there are many other higher qualified and over-qualified people available and willing due to the higher hourly rate to take that job if the job is not eliminated in its entirety. Therefore, the black teenager or teenager in general doesn't get a job at all.

This is most devastating to black teenagers because many come from poor single family households and go through a very poor public school system that doesn't prepare them adequately. Next we don't allow employers to hire them for what they are worth at the time. It's particularly destructive because much more important than the little money the teenager makes is the on the job training he gets with his job at 16 years old. He learns responsibility and discipline in being to work on time and in how to speak to customers, bosses and vendors. Additionally, he learns and sees how a business operates and gains invaluable skills that can ascend them out of the minimum wage bracket in time and provide valuable contacts and references on his resume.

What is the other option for these black teenagers? They do not have a productive and enriching second option as they have been completely priced out of the market by the very people that seek to help them. Many black teenagers spend their time on the streets with their friends eventually becoming dependent on the welfare state or a resident of the criminal justice system. We need to get our teenagers working now!

Minimum Wage Eliminating Poverty Myth

If it really were true that having or raising a minimum wage could lift people out of poverty then instead of the United States giving billions in foreign aide to places like Haiti and Bangladesh, Haiti and Bangladesh could simply implement a minimum wage and lift their people out of poverty. This solution, however would not work in Haiti, Bangladesh or any country including the United States of America.

The minimum wage prices low skilled workers out of the market place by disallowing employers to hire them for what they are worth at the time. Without a job, we are denying our black teenagers the initial opportunity to begin to lift themselves out of poverty and condemning them to a form of dependence on the state. The minimum wage must be repealed.

The Minimum Wage Law Increases Unemployment

3.3% of the US population is on minimum wage and over 50% of the people on minimum wage are under 25 years old. It is our youth, that are most impacted by minimum wage increases as more and more jobs are eliminated from the marketplace. Basic economics teaches us that when you raise the price of something you get less of it, therefore as the minimum wage goes up, employment opportunities go down and unemployment goes up. We can see this very clearly in the complete elimination of ushers at movie theaters and attendants that would pump your gas at gas stations. Businesses value these jobs below the minimum wage as they are very simple jobs that provide a value to the business less than the minimum wage. These jobs were filled by teenagers when I was a teenager and gave thousands of black teenagers the opportunity to enter the work force and gain valuable work experience. As the minimum wage increased however, these jobs were completely eliminated. The truly poor don't benefit from the minimum wage increase, because the poor don't get a job.

Historically Racist Motivations Behind Minimum Wage Laws

The proponents of minimum wage laws fail to do the research and see that minimum wage laws have been used throughout history to keep black people from getting jobs. Following are two of the many examples:

In South Africa throughout the era of apartheid, white labor unions persuaded that a minimum-wage law be applied to all races, to prevent black workers from taking jobs away from white unionized workers by working for less than the union pay scale.

In 1931, the US Congress passed the Davis Bacon act which required employers to pay the prevailing wage, which corresponded to the union wage to prevent non-unionized black and immigrant laborers from competing with unionized white workers.

The stated purpose of these laws during the time by proponents of the laws was to keep “colored” labor from taking the jobs of white workers. Though the stated purpose now of the minimum wage law is different, the effects are still the same. Namely, to discriminate against people with low skills.

Great Intentions, Deplorable Effects
You must not judge a law based on its stated purposes. You must look at the effects of the law. The effects of minimum wage laws have been wholly reprehensible and have increased poverty and increased unemployment. Moreover the effects have been concentrated on the groups that the the supporters of the minimum wage would most like to help namely black people and other poor people.

There are no positive objectives achieved by the minimum wage. Let's get our black teenagers back to work so they can have the best chance to succeed in life. Let's repeal the minimum wage.

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